Holle Organic Baby Mini Rusks 100 g from 8 months
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Holle Organic Baby Mini Rusks 100 g from 8 months

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Demeter wheat flour** 84%, honey* 8%, Demeter butter** 7%, yeast*, vitamin B1 (added according to the law)

*from organic agriculture

**from biodynamic agriculture

Countries of origin of the main ingredients:

Germany / Austria


As a snack, as baby rusk porridge with milk or fruit, or for breakfast with butter and jam or cream cheese.


Holle Organic-Baby Mini-Rusks Honey & Butter are made from carefully selected biodynamic/organic ingredients. They are free from eggs, salt and palm oil.

Please note:

Please do not allow your baby to chew rusks unsupervised. Due to risk of choking, do not give rusks when your baby is lying down. Like all cereal products, the rusks contain carbohydrates. Constant contact with carbohydrates can cause tooth decay, therefore follow a regular dental hygiene routine with your baby.