Holle Demeter Baby Food – What it’s all about!


You may have noticed that many products in the HOLLE organic baby food range carry the Demeter label. But what exactly does Demeter stand for?

All HOLLE baby foods are certified organic. However, there is an additional certification that guarantees even higher quality levels in growing and processing foods. Only products which meet the stringent and far-reaching quality of certified biodynamic farming can carry the Demeter label.

For the production of its baby food, HOLLE uses biodynamically produced ingredients from Demeter-certified agriculture wherever possible. Using the best raw materials from strictly controlled agriculture, HOLLE ensures the best possible product safety from the start. This is illustrated by the Demeter logo and the EU-Eco logo on the packaging.

More about biodynamic agriculture…

Biodynamic agriculture is a comprehensive approach to farming established in the late 1920s by Dr Rudolf Steiner. Demeter standards not only exclude the use of synthetic fertilisers and other chemicals in food production and artificial additives during processing, but they also require very specific measures such as applying herbal preparations to the land to strengthen the life processes in soil and food.

Biodynamic agriculture views a farm as a living organism with its own natural cycle – a consequence of this is that each biodynamic farm will only raise the number of animals that the farm land can naturally support. There is no intensive farming in biodynamic agriculture and there is a high degree of traceability in biodynamic farming that cannot be equalled.

When biodynamic farming is put together with gentle food processing methods that respect and work with the raw ingredients, the result is baby food that not only has the best possible pedigree but tastes simply delicious.

On all HOLLE products, you can find a reference code for the inspection body that confirms HOLLE’s continuous care and transparency – from the raw materials supply and processing to the finished baby food product. 

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