American vs. European Organic Formula

Not all organic products are created equal.

There are other significant differences between American and European formulas as the standards for what can be included in baby formula are stricter in Europe than in the United States. 

  • EU standards prohibit the inclusion of sucrose (table sugar) in infant formula, except in small quantities in specialty formulas for premature infants or babies with allergies. 
  • All European formulas are required to have at least 30% of calories from lactose, which is not a requirement for U.S. formulas.
  • All European baby formulas, whether organic or not, are required to be free from detectable levels of pesticide residue. 
  • All Holle formulas carry Demeter or Bioland certifications that go beyond the EU’s minimum organic standards. For example, the Demeter certification emphasizes a deep commitment to animal welfare, sustainability, and ecosystem preservation.
  • All Holle products have European Union’s organic seal. This means they are made without synthetic or chemical sprays or fertilizers, genetic engineering, artificial flavors, enhancers, colors, or preservatives. 

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